Gospel Service Talks

inside our meeting room


Bible talks are held at 10.30am every Sunday.  Below is a list of the current subjects. You will be most welcome to attend any of these.

You can hear the talks that have taken place by clicking on the "listen" link. Some talks had presentations - you can view these by clicking the "presentation" link (requires Adobe reader).

Subjects 2019

Date Speaker Subject Listen
6 Jan 2019 Alan Cherry Noah – a man of faith listen
13 Jan 2019 Martyn Lawrence Are the gospel records credible? listen
20 Jan 2019 Richard Eglen Bible prophecies about Israel  
27 Jan 2019 Caleb Reid Walking with the Kings  
3 Feb 2019 Neil Galilee Jerusalem – City of Peace  
10 Feb 2019 Barney Norris Made in the image of God (illustrated)  
17 Feb 2019 Timothy Goswell When I survey the wondrous cross  
24 Feb 2019 David Hart Jerusalem - future World capital  
3 Mar 2019 Alistair Firth Why I believe the Bible  
10 Mar 2019 Greg Newton What the Bible says about the Kingdom of God  
17 Mar 2019 Andrew Jenkins Does it matter what we believe?  
24 Mar 2019 Giles Marsden Ruth & Boaz  
31 Mar 2019 Keith McEvoy God will make the future bright  
7 Apr 2019 Michael Crawford Why has Jesus not yet returned?  
14 Apr 2019 Kitson Reid Who Are God’s Chosen People?  
21 Apr 2019 Chris Evans What?  
28 Apr 2019 Andrew Fenner For dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return  
5 May 2019 Roger Eglen The Disciple of Christ and the Law of the Land  
12 May 2019 Roger Long Why baptism is important  
19 May 2019 Richard Jones What are you going to do when you are dead?  
26 May 2019 Mark Buckler Reading the News with Bible in hand  
2 Jun 2019 Tony Nield God's promises to mankind  
9 Jun 2019 Jonathan Millar The Angels - God's Ministers  
16 Jun 2019 David Vincent How will God judge the world?  
23 Jun 2019 Ray Bilton The Foundation of Christianity  
30 Jun 2019 Martin Evans Are you good enough for God?  

Subjects 2018

Date Speaker Subject Listen
1 Jul 2018 David Maudsley Demons – a biblical perspective listen
8 Jul 2018 Andrew Wood A race worth training for listen
15 Jul 2018 Andrew Whittaker Bad things happen but God provides  
22 Jul 2018 Dave Clark Who can be a priest ? listen
29 Jul 2018 Kevin Charlesworth Pottery & Pickaxes listen
5 Aug 2018 Sam Launchbury There's more to life than just living listen
12 Aug 2018 Michael Crawford The truth about hell listen
19 Aug 2018 Keith McEvoy Does God control your life? listen
26 Aug 2018   Video - Introducing the Bible  
2 Sep 2018 Neil Robin Questions Science Can't Answer listen
9 Sep 2018 Bob Baynham The Bible - Fake News or Real News? listen
16 Sep 2018 Paul Harris Are we going to Heaven? listen
23 Sep 2018 Paul Bytheway Noah’s time and now - not so different? listen
30 Sep 2018 Malcolm Cross Life’s big questions - answered listen
7 Oct 2018 James Wilson Natural Disasters. Supernatural solutions listen
14 Oct 2018 Michael Grosvenor Why read the Old Testament? listen
21 Oct 2018 Alan Cherry The making of a Saint listen
28 Oct 2018 John Bland The bible text — is it reliable? Decide for yourself listen
4 Nov 2018 Phil Basten Do we have a devil to fear? listen
11 Nov 2018 John Thorpe The Problem of Suffering – Solid proof of God’s existence listen
18 Nov 2018 Paul Davies Are you ready for Christ's return? listen
25 Nov 2018   Video - Introducing the Old Testament  
2 Dec 2018 Rob Capper Will there be peace in our time? listen
9 Dec 2018 Richard Cooper Bible teaching on forgiveness listen
16 Dec 2018   Carol Service at 4.30pm  
23 Dec 2018 David Hart Good new, great joy listen
30 Dec 2018 Roger Eglen Land of Hope and Glory (illustrated)